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Animea Tru
United States
-----------------------------ANIME COMPANY-------------------------------------------------------------

Name: animeatru (Bam or Truman)
Company name: animeatru
Age: 24


- Animea Tru, is a small anime company. Our business includes drawing for clients, selling video games on amazon, selling products on selling websites, working with other companies, and investing in bitcoin and other companies. Our anime art is located on deviant art. We also have a blog that keep track of our business adventures.

- Our prices to draw depends on how much you are willing to pay. We are willing to negotiate. We would like to draw for you. We would like to do business with you. Send us a message if you are interested or if you want to tell us something. We also have a twitter account which we use to advertise anime news and art. We also advertise for other people. We plan to advertise for others in the future. We working on that part.



--------------------------------SOCIAL CONNECTIONS---------------------------------------------



(deviantart page):

(animeatru blog):…

(tgthewriter1 youtube channel):…


(chatrroms we use):

-Deviantart chatroom, chatango, weirdtown,


-Members of animeatru are located on the blog and website. The number of members may change so view the blog and website to get the update information.


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animeatru Featured By Owner 2 days ago
(March/2017)(animeatru starts a comic)

---yes, im going to start my own comic, first im going to work on the story, and maybe do drawing in between, im going to make some kind of demon and sword comic like devil may cry 2, but not exactly. i do have to change some things like the powers he gets and etc. so, thats what im working on.

--to be continued.................
animeatru Featured By Owner 3 days ago
(March/2017)(animeatru website has been updated):

--the animeatru website has been updated, i couldnt add a chatroom to the website, the internet has changed, xat which is the main anime chatroom to go to and the chatroom that started animeatru is out of business, i couldnt find anything so i added some websites that were almost good, i had to take the games down because the fucking yola company wouldnt fucking allow me to keep the games up, i was looking for games but i couldnt really find the stuff thats worth playing, so, i didnt put anything on there, in future i will look again for the games, i didnt put the forum up because i really wanted the chatroom up and most people talk to me on deviantart, uh, shit, lets see, its easier for people to navigate on the site, its not confusing like before, i dont have much to offer people on the site which would explain the low view count, so in the fiuture i will try to work on having more stuff for you anime fans to do, its just hard for me to do it right now, i got business tot ake care of and now im doing a job thing, im trying to make mre investments but the company i invest in is going through shit too, dam, seems like everybody is having a hard time, anyway, fuck it, the make money online page is still on the website and i will not take anything else off the list, but i will not add anything else to the list for some time due to the fact that we need things like anime news and drawings and videos of chat roms and, pretty much, we need shit for people to do, so im taking a break from the make money online thing, im also thinking of starting my own comic, and i really need to do that, and upload some pictures the blog and stuff. In the future, i will try to make the website better.
animeatru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
A lot of people are losing hope, but I wont,

................things have changed, everybody is like, you know what fuck my dreams, fuck what i want, times are tough, i need to get with it, but me....naw, you see i got nothing else, right now im doing something for work but, i will never give up on my dreams, maybe i will take a long break or whatever, but i will never give up, because i dont want too, thats that...................
animeatru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
(MARCH/2017) , animeatru website is under construction,

----------will be done, in uhhhh, hard to say, maybe i will pay some body to do it, i got to go on a chat room and see what is up.....shit i dont feel like working that dam website right now, it always needs updating,
animeatru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
DATE: 03/18/2017

(animeatru)----------make money online page is being updated--------------

---i just got through looking at the list and im going to take things off the list that are unecessary or worth trying, i really dont need to do this, but given the state of todays world , i will take another look at it.

---the make money online page should be updated soon.......
animeatru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
the make money page is now updated, i took some websites off and left the other websites on,

----but uh, yeah, i got to re do the website in general later, a lot of shit has changed and its costing me views, to be continued......
animeatru Featured By Owner Edited Mar 10, 2017
*************what is animeatru doing???? (jan/2017)

-----yes, it has been awhile since me or anybody else did anything, business is being put on hold

---- im thinking about making a comic for fun in future but i keep pushing it off, so yeah i will get to it later on, anyway,

--i will be back , im just tied up right now. but i am thinking of drawing and posting stuff up like the old days, yeah i might do that i think, that all i got to say.
animeatru Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2017
(time to move on):

- a lot of time has went by, but the animeatru group will move on and decide what to do next, the hate is still present in the world, but we are learning how to deal with it, we are learning, time to move on.
lordtrigonstar Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
Thank you for :+fav: my art,my friend. =D
animeatru Featured By Owner Edited Feb 6, 2017
(next drawing uploads): 

-i might start uploading drawings, im tired of doing shit on the computer,

-coloring something on computer is a real drag, i prefre doing it with my hands, the dam mouse takes up too much time. 
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